20211221 Orléans

Woke early but tried to get the Internet working again. Failed again. I think the button needs to be pushed in the other apartment to sync this extender with the main device. Someone will come later to help, the daughter of the owner I believe.

Since Flo is working from the office today I make a move for the river and start taking more pictures. There is a group of ducks and maybe geese that I disturb and shoot for a while.

As I follow the river East I encounter a simple lock and one end of a canal that run parallel to the river. I realize I can cross to the median or far side of the canal and do so to continue East. I find several photo-worthy spots and even descend to the river level via a staircase set in the outer wall of the canal. At this point the river is at least fifteen feet below the level of the canal. I’m not clear why this canal is here running along next to the river but I suspect it is to accomodate deep vessels all year long.

Eventually I begin to wonder if there will be another way to get back to the mainland and ask a guy walking past. He points to a small bridge on approach and that will take me back over. I do cross back over because Flo has texted me to say I should meet V at 14:00 about the Internet. I still have time to wander but probably best not to be trapped on the canal.

I walk along the road which runs again parallel to the river but this time it ascends above the river and the canal and the walking paths. A small compacted dirt tract with fancy houses to my left and river views to my right. It’s no difficulty to guess these are expensive homes for the area.

Walking along with my hands on my face to warm it some, a couple passes the she informs me that the wind is coming from the East so it is on my face now but will be at my back when I return. We chat briefly. They have friends on Long Island from whom they have just received an American style Christmas card along with a letter detailing their last year of events. They ask if this is a normal thing for the US. I say that it’s less and less so for the (in particular for the inclusion of the details) and that it may be a stronger tradition in the East due to longer family traditions there. “It hasn’t been that long since we had wooden sidewalks in the West.”

I make my way eventually away from the river and back into the city streets and back again to the West, back to the old Orleans where I am staying. I will rest for a time; V should be here within the hour.

Turns out it’s the daughter of V.  We cannot get my device working but I connect to hers instead (from which this repeater gets its connection).  Good enough.  Now you can read my insane ramblings once again!  Or just these travel posts.  Whatever.

There is a dinner planned for tonight at a restaurant.  I think there will be many people but I haven’t been keeping close track.  I should probably eat a little something now though.

I did eat some bread and cheese and organized my thoughts here in this grand apartment.  About 18:00 Flo informed me they would return to the remodel to sell some more of the old fixtures and such at 19:00.  About that time we did exactly that.  We sold the water balloon (hot water tank) and a sink with its cabinet and a piece of wood and a shower door.  They are rich in environmental protection!  Nothing goes to the landfill.

After that we went to dinner and met friends (Alain and Hélène) from my previous visit.  At that time they ran une gîte, which is like a special sort of rental property for weekends or holidays where you likely get several rooms and space to do this or that.  Anyway, it was one of my favorite days with a grand table and many friends and food and wine.  Today though we are merely five at this restaurant with classic French dishes.  I start with pâté de canard, of course, and then move to bœuf bourguignon (basically beef stew but, you know, more elegant!).  For dessert I have mousse chocolat.

There is a dessert of pineapple and chocolate sauce which I just can’t get my head around.  Two of us did order and love it and I did try it, but still it remains elusive to me.  I may have to investigate this further.  Can I make something of these two ingredients which appeals to me?  Challenge accepted!

After dinner it’s back to bed for everyone.


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