Things to Do Today

  • Working toward any goal is merely a matter of selecting something I can do and then doing it.
  • Brush and floss my teeth.
  • Expend some energy while making my heart race and perhaps sweat a little.
  • Eat some vegetables and maybe some fruit.
  • Take some action which may by its doing make The World a better place.
  • Remind someone I love them, especially those who (maybe) think I am upset with them.
  • Honor reason as my guide and as the guide of others.
  • Respect the evidence.
  • Contemplate the good, the true, the kind, the wise, as these are our best guideposts.
  • Say what I mean and mean what I say.
  • Finish something I already started.
  • “Yes and…” (or at the very least “Yes but…”).
  • I’ll do my best to be my best me.

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