PA 17 Aug movie night

A movie night in the summer night!  Thinking maybe a double feature of Speed Racer and Blade Runner 2049.  Subject to change.  More to follow.

PA 17 Aug movie night

7:00 as the sun be settin’
Gather the Movie Knights!
8:00 as the sun be settin’
Start obligatory silent cartoons to assess quality of darkness. So Metal!
8:19 as the sun be settin’
Sunset. No taps.
9:00 as the sun be settin’
First movie!
11:00 as the sun be settin’
Second movie!

I’ve been reminded that Into the Spiderverse and Ragnarok are also potential films.

Box Cars
Box Cars

Looks like the weather is finally turning to our favor.  Saturday should be good!

I’ll be grilling out back about six.  Feel free to come grill something for yourself.  Otherwise I’ll see you after seven!

When the sun goes down it will get chilly.  Dress accordingly.  I have some blankets.

If you come down the alley, park on the street.  You cannot miss us.  If you come from 24th, it’s the house with the blue tarp in the front yard.

Go, Speed Racer!
Go, Speed Racer!
Watch out for Racer X!
Watch out for Racer X!

Well, we only watched Speed Racer, but it was epic!  Thanks to everyone who made the show.  Good times!

Before the movie I did play randomly from the film Loving Vincent as the silent cartoon portion of the evening.


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