Pop Cycle Summer Closer!

The Great Cycle of Pop is going to punk up the Alley with a loud (10/10) show (Paul!) come this presumably hot August Saturday afternoon. Kiddie pool in effect!

14:00 gates open (come get your patch of grass)
15:00 Jared Mitchell & The Wingtips
16:00 Pop Cycle

As usual it’s your basic picnic bbq potluck grassy knoll sort of rock and roll show.  All donations go to the musicians.  Probably they will have stuff you can buy as well.  I’ll post some links here and there below.

I will be making my usual (unusual) pork loin.  Please do make comments here about what you are bringing so not everyone brings spaghetti.  I mean, many of you COULD bring spaghetti.  But someone should probably bring something to go with it.  What’s your preferred potluck portable comestible?

Questions? Ask them below or message one of the moderators!

Well, at least it’s not too hot.  Pork spices:  salt, garlic powder, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne.

Pork brine: 16 limes juiced, molasses, salt, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks.

If you haven’t heard Pop Cycle, their sound borrows liberally from both punk and pop music.  You will heard echoes of the Cramps (and maybe a cover? or two?), XTC, and splashes of Robyn Hitchcock.  I know you’re thinking “what happens when you mix the Cramps and XTC?” and the answer to that is pretty fucking dangerous!  Gonna be a good time.

Also pretty excited to hear Jared do his thing.  I’ve not yet had the pleasure, but our dear friend Mr the Owl says they can really bring it.  Best Peavine show yet?  You decide!

Pop Cycle Summer Closer!
PA Pop Cycle Summer Closer!

This was a very personal show for me.  It was like a celebration of what I love about doing these backyard shows, and I want to thank each of you for coming.  It wasn’t intended to be a personal experience, but that’s what happens some of the time.  It was tremendous; I feel amazing; and I want you to know that I appreciate what each of you has brought to my life–and not just the small part played by this great event yesterday.  New friends, old friends, pork loin, and hugs. Is there more to life?


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