Dinner Time!

I have a turkey!  Russell is going to get his ass over here nice and early Thursday morning because it takes all day to cook this stuff.  He’s in charge of the stuffing stuff.  We will make turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry something.

Turkey — Russell and James
Potatoes — Russell and James
Stuffing — Russell
Gravy — James
Cranberry something — James
pies — Bill
dinner roles — Bill
corn — James
Green Salad — unknown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheese ball, you know red and orange ?!!!
more stuff ?

Brine:  brown sugar, molasses, bay leaves, true cinnamon, pepper corns, crushed red peppers, and apple cider vinegar.

Ice cream obtained!

I still have several tomatoes but no other salad fixin’s.

Come any time.  If you need to do some cooking, let me know!

I have plenty of garlic if you need any.

Overeating as an art form…

Dinner Time


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