Blade Runner Sat 5 Aug Movie Night

This is likely to be the only movie night this summer since I am putting on five (five?!) music shows.  If you were thinking this was your summer for catching a movie night at Peavine Alley, this is your big chance!

It’s supposed to be 89 on Friday and 84 on Saturday.  Saturday evening will be excellent for watching a movie but I would suggest bring a jacket.  I will have many blankets for those without sufficient internal heat regulation!

Cartoons will start around dusk and the movie will begin whenever it gets dark.  The sun is going to set at 20:38 on Saturday.  So maybe cartoons about eight and movie about nine?  Something like that.  Come early and get your chairs or blankets arranged while there is still some light!

Final Cut

AI Luna

I have a popcorn machine.  A real one.  No shit.

If anyone wants to bring a non-group member that’s fine, they just won’t likely be able to see the event (and it’s contents) until they become a group member.  Membership has it’s privileges!

Feel free to bring snacks. I will have some hot dogs to roast in the fire. Sticks!

Feel free to bring something to grill if you’d like.  Snacks are appropriate but not required.  I have my popcorn machine and I will have some hotdogs available to cook on sticks.  You may want something to drink and there will be a random selection of beverages here as well.

I have a dozen hot dogs and some (24) buns.  Should I get more?


Canadian Moon
Canadian Moon

Frozen treats and popcorn?!

Blade Runner Sat 5 Aug Movie Night

Excellent turnout; thanks, everyone!


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