8 Jul Peavine Alley Big Boom Bash

Our annual big Independence related show! At least five or six amazing acts! And some adorable dancing bears (approximately)! As usual it’s your basic picnic bbq potluck grassy gnoll sort of rock and roll show.

I will be making my usual (unusual) pork loin. Please do make comments here about what you are bringing so not everyone brings sausages. You don’t want another sausage fest, do you?

It’s all about the money, except it’s not. These shows are free and we intend to keep it that way. That being said, we also want to ensure the musicians are rewarded for their hard work. Let’s make sure we can help them fuel their questionable-looking vans so they can make it their next gigs by dropping $15 or $20 into their little buckets!

What to bring? You may want a blanket or a chair to sit upon. Will it be warm? Maybe you will want something to snuggle? Your coolest friends are welcome, but please let me know so I can predict numbers.

Questions? Ask them below or message one of the moderators!

13:30 – Gates open! Get yer grass here!
14:30 – Anna St. Lee —
15:15 – Patrick Galactic — https://patrickgalactic.bandcamp.com/
16:30 – Teresa and The Wolves — Cancelled due to finger injury!
17:30 – THE HINGES — https://thehinges1.bandcamp.com/
18:15 – Sheryl Wiser — https://www.reverbnation.com/sherylwiser
19:00 – Sarah St. Albin — https://www.sarahstalbin.com/


Very exciting.

To join Peavine Alley: https://www.facebook.com/groups/peavinealley/

Note:  Seafood Fest is today.  Avoid downtown Ballard.

If you would like to grill, my gas grill will be available for the entire show. My chimenea will also be available for grilling but not until after the pork loin is done.

Tea is in the sun; pork is in the smoke.

Musicians:  I have mics and cables and amps and a PA.  I also have a cajon and a snare and some other random percussion.  If there is anything you need, let me know.  I’ll do what I am able.

The pork loin is enbrined:  chicken stock, sour cherry juice, balsamic, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, bay leaves, salt.

I have half a dozen lemons available if anyone needs lemons.

I have put some pork ribs into the sous vide cooker at 137f (probably for 24 hours).

Another reason to come?  Witness my reading of the Declaration of Independence!

Just to be clear, I have been doing these readings for more than a decade and this is not aimed at any particular idiots which may or may not exist.

Remember the potluck is an important element to these events.  Are you thinking of what you may bring?  Let us know!  Not only is it fun to see what others are bringing, you may inspire another.  Be inspirational!

I’m smoking a pork loin in my peculiar way.

8 Jul Peavine Alley Big Boom Bash
8 Jul Peavine Alley Big Boom Bash (PA)

It’s been a busy summer.  So much to do for the Alley.  You have all been great!  Thanks for making this show a fantastic success.  Thanks, especially, to the musicians who come and play music and meet fans and eat food just like the rest of us.  And of course thanks to Harry Oesterreicher and Tobias TheOwl for helping me bring these shows together.  Maybe the world is a little better for our efforts.  Thank you all.


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