Johnny Sangster & Friends Sunday 11 Sept

Doors at two; music by three.

Johnny Sangster & Friends
with Rusty Willoughby & Friends (featuring Barb Hunter, Jennifer Sutherland & possibly Johnny Sangster)
PLUS –> The Demon Rind (Kwab Copeland, Bill Herzog, Carrie Robinson & Johnny Sangster)

Johnny will be playing an opening set followed by Rusty and then we’ll rock out with the Demon Rind.

What’s not to love about that?!

You know the drill: music, friends, potluck, sun. I’ll be maknig my famous pork loin. Let us know what you’ll be bringing in the comments. Questions in the comments or write to James directly.

This is going to be a good show. It’s going to be more rock and more roll and more louder than any previous show. Come see the changes in landscape; come see friends old and new; come see some terrific rock and roll in the shade of the cedar trees.

Looking forward to seeing you all for this summer-closing epic show!

What a season finale, eh? I’m exhausted! Thanks to everyone for coming. We had at least 65 humans present yesterday which is a new Peavine Alley record. The food was great, and the music was truly epic. Thanks again, especially to the musicians (and the bartender!). See you all again soon.

The pork is on the smoke…

Also, if you would like strawberry plants, I have probably 50-100 that can be removed (or they will end up buried next week). If you want some to plant at home, bring a plastic tub or bag and you can have as many as you’d like.

If you would like to grill, my gas grill will be available for the entire show. My chimenea will also be available for grilling but not until after the pork loin is done.

The pork loin is in its brine: buttermilk, chicken stock, salt, maple syrup, juice and zest from 16 limes, and tarragon.

I will have plenty of extra limes. No one needs to bring limes.

I’ve been quiet and quite busy. You old-timers will hardly recognize the yard. Even the pork is getting a new treatment. It’s going to be great!

Remember, everyone, it’s a potluck. You are not required to participate but it’s fun so you ought to. Tell us what you are bringing so we can all get excited!

Is it your famous but highly secret garlic and artichoke dip? Is it your great great grandmother’s potato salad? Inquiring minds want to know!

Regardless, this September weather is giving us a pleasant gap in which to have a dry show and even some decent sunshine. Go figure. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.



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