Fourth Again (BUT on sunny Sunday 3 July)

Peavine Alley is proud to present the second Fourth on the third. Well, it’s not the second on the third; it’s the second Fourth and it happens to happen on the third. The third is a Sunday which is the seventh day but let’s not go there. So it’s the first Fourth on the third and the first on a Sunday, but it’s our second Fourth in a row.

So, come to Peavine Alley on Sunday the third of July and celebrate the Fourth with friends and music.

Patch up your picnic baskets, folks, because it is as per usual a potluck. Will James smoke a pork loin? It’s anybody’s guess. Will James sous vide some chicken thighs? Who can know such things?! Are you potlucking? We’d love to hear what you will be bringing.

Who is playing? This we can answer (mostly).

Emily Donohue
Animals of grace
Cooper stoulil
Parzival myr popof
Kristina Valencia
Bergman Broom
Tobias the Owl

There has also been a discussion about including a ten second scream for the dead.

What is scheduled? Probably something like this:

Kristina Valencia 3-3:45 PM
Parzival Myr Popof 3:45-4:30
Cooper Stoulil 4:30-5:15
Emily Donohue 5:15-6
Animals of Grace 6 PM
[mic opens after]

Old Bergman and Mr The Owl we will cleverly weave in as appropriate.

I have made it even easier to locate my house from the street by creating a system of hillocks to emulate mountains and valleys. The orange porch light is still burning.

Fortunately the music will be around back. There is plenty of room in my backyard (aka Peavine Alley) for your blankets and chairs and butts.

All donations go to the musicians (the house takes none).

Questions? Ask the thread or ask me.

Did everyone have a great time? I did! Met some terrific people. Ate some wonderful food. And of course enjoyed some fantastic music. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to the musicians who made this all possible. Remember to have your friends join Peavine Alley (or friend me) so they can find out about upcoming events.

Get yer potluck on! I have had the pork loin on smoke since maybe 8:30. The tea is in the sun. The chicken thighs are very thigh. Only about an hour and a half and humans will start arrive at Peavine Alley. See you all soon.

(My phone is on my About page if you need a quick response.)

I have just put the pork loin in its brine (chicken stock, 16 limes, 3 lbs ginger, pepper corns and cloves, apple juice concentrate, and salt), and I have sous vide cooked a whole mess of chicken thighs so they can be quickly grilled on demand.

I have a propane grill and a wood fired grill that will be available for your grilling pleasure (the wood fire will be available after the pork loin is finished).

Any questions?

Musicians: I have mics and cables and amps and a PA. I also have a cajon and a snare and some other random percussion. If there is anything you need, let me know. I’ll do what I am able.

Not going to be as hot as it was last year, so I probably won’t burn the bottoms of my feet from walking around in the sun all day. Only a few days to go.



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