Jeff Campbell with Mickelson — 10 June (Friday evening show)

Jeff Campbell and (Scott) Mickelson are coming to play some fine music at our own Peavine Alley. It’s a Friday evening show so head on over after your work-week has weakened you, get revitalized with the musics!

I have made it even easier to locate my house from the street by creating a system of hillocks to emulate mountains and valleys. The orange porch light is still burning.

Fortunately the music will be around back. There is plenty of room in my backyard (aka Peavine Alley) for your blankets and chairs and butts.

Are you potlucking? We’d love to hear what you will be bringing. Unless there is any objection I will be making my usual pork loin.

All donations go to the musicians (the house takes none).

Questions? Ask the thread or ask me.

Check these cats out (and look for music in the thread):



What an incredible night. Thank you all for coming (and there were about 30 of us in total!). Of course, special thanks to Jeffry Campbell and Scott Mickelson Good food, good music, and good times. And no inclement weather! Best show yet? Maybe. Sunday 3 July is our next adventure. Stay tuned to Peavine Alley for more details. Stay safe, have fun, and see you all soon.

Guess which pork loin is over the coals?

Mariners game tonight. If you are coming from the South, plan accordingly.

Pork loin brine: 16 limes (blender), 3 lbs fresh gingerroot (blender), bulb of garlic (blender) pepper corns and cloves (spice grinder), 1 pint apple juice concentrate, bunch o’ kosher salt, and tarragon.

Have I mentioned how much I live BlendTec?

So you may be saying to yourself (or anyone within earshot) “what the fuck is with this weather?”. Welcome to Seattle.

I have a couple of those portable gazebo things (labeled “canopy” like we stole them from a pickup) and I have arranged the basement so there is a place for food and stuff. Wear a jacket or brrr.

Feel sorry for me because I will be standing over my chimenea with an umbrella smoking the pork loin while y’all are at work (you know, during the lightning storm around noon?). But we are prepared (haha! thanks, Boy Scouts!) and we are determined to have a great time.

See you soon. Kisses!

(On the plus side the predicted accumulated rainfall for tomorrow is <1/10th inch. I’m hoping it gets it out of its system early.)

Only a day to go. So much cleaning remains… gotta get the pork loin… stuffs happening. Getting ready!

The path to the backyard is complete. Tired and sore and hands that look a bit like a butcher board… bring on the fun! Only a trio of days to go.

Full steam ahead toward Friday. I just have to finish this path so going from the sidewalk to the backyard isn’t a hazardous journey. And smoke a pork loin. And clean EVERYTHING. Should be good. Just a few days!

Hasn’t been a lot of food talk yet. Don’t let me hold you back! Any embarrassing tales of the musicians? We won’t repeat them…



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