Jaspar Lepak Storms Peavine Alley

Jaspar Lepak is coming to play some fine music at our own Peavine Alley. It’s a Friday evening show so head on over after your work-week has weakened you, get revitalized with music.

I have made it even easier to locate my house from the street by covering vast compost piles with blue tarps. The orange porch light is still burning.

Fortunately the music will be around back.

Are you potlucking? We’d love to hear what you will be bringing.


The high is predicted to be 89f today. Bring your… kiddie pools? We’ll have good shade in the evening but remember to hydrate. See you all this evening.

The blue moon will rise at 20:45 (that’s 8:45 PM for the small portion of the world’s population that doesn’t use a 24 hour clock).


For those interested (and I suppose for my own record of the matter) I present…

BRINE: bay leaves, apple juice concentrate (frozen), a dozen limes and two large roots of ginger (ground in my blender), salt, pepper corns (smashed), and topped with water and ice.

This is certainly the best SMELLING brine I’ve ever used. Oh, and if you are wondering how will your Blendtec blender manage whole limes and ginger, my answer is “holy shit, I love this blender”.

PORK LOIN: dusted with salt (orange-rosemary salt, ground in my mortar), paprika, white pepper, and ground ginger.

It’s not even noon and it’s already 81f–and I’ve started a fire. I am suffering for my art, the art of PORK!

Internal temperature’s been hovering around 110f for a couple of hours. That’s fine because I can, at will, raise my cooking temperature and bring it to the finishing temperature. This is just smoke time.


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