Peavine Alley Presents the Biggest Schwartz

It’s a potluck picnic hoedown extravaganza with music, merriment, and muddled metaphors.

You may remember Eric Schwartz (Eric the Red, redder is better) from such tender classics as “Who’s Gonna Fuck the Singer” and “There’s a Picture (of Somebody’s Dick on Your Phone)”.

If you don’t know him, you ought to work harder at it. He is a well-known provocateur and proponent of Male Pattern Boldness. Now you can see him more or less alive under the open skies of Peavine Alley.

Gates open at 3 PM and the music should get going about 4 PM or once everyone gets hold of a blade of grass.

Post any questions you may have in the event. See you soon.

Hmmm… what diabolical image will become the Event image?

Picked up a pork loin. Gonna try to improve on last event’s smoked loin. I’m also planning to make some baked beans. You?

Ok, let’s get this pork loin brining: chicken stock (homemade), orange juice concentrate, salt, brown sugar, pepper corns, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and garlic powder.

Upgraded predicted high for Saturday is 82! Great day for some music and a potluck.

So… much… cleaning…

On the plus side, the pork loin is fully brined.

Gotta get that pork on the fire! See you all in a few hours.

If you have figured out how to use Google you may have noticed there is a mildly unfunny stand-up comedian who is using the name Eric Schwartz. This is not THE Eric Schwartz (I can only assume there is a lawsuit pending). If you want the real thing, here is a sample.

Today! I have started creating my bed of coals. Walking them later, of course. Ha! Pork Loin! And the baked beans are baking baking baking. It’s going to be awesome.



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