Two Films for the Price of One Birthday

There are likely a lot of folks who make claims to being born during June.  I am not among them, but John is.  Let’s have a little movie madness and celebration.


I have selected two films.  The first film is a nerd coming of age film.  Cast your spells early.

Unicorn City

The second is a heart warming tale of giant monsters kicking the crap out of giant robots.  You can sing along even if there are no songs.

Pacific Rim

More to follow about food, of course.  Send questions my way or post them below.

Kids are welcome.  When they become unruly, of course, the flying robot my little unicorn will eat them.  But that doesn’t happen very often.

So here is the usual stuff about what to bring.

1. something to sit upon (camp chair, chaise lounge, persian rug)
2. something to keep you warm (coat, blanket, hookers, rum)
3. snacks (more below)
4. sips (more below)

I will have my chiminea burning and I have hotdog sticks (and dogs).  I also have my gas grill available (and a full kitchen for that matter).  These can all be put at your disposal if you’d like to prepare something.

I also have a full-on popcorn machine.  How much popcorn we can make is only limited by how much time I have between doing other things and whether anyone else knows how to use the thing (they are pretty simple but require some skill).

I typically make sangria though I haven’t picked up the wine or fruit yet.

Others are encouraged to bring things and to post what they are bringing here (so we don’t end up with 37 varieties of carnitas and seven buckets of vodka—too much of a good thing to be sure).

There is plenty of room on the grass for folks to plant a blanket or a chair.  I have several chairs but if you have one, please consider bringing it.  Same for warming blankets:  I have several but please consider bringing something.  It will get chillier as the evening progresses.

My hookah will be set up in the corner.  It uses Arabic tobacco (tobacco with molasses, spices, and fruit).  Smokers of other varieties should be considerate of the air space of others (hence the hookah is in the corner).

Um, what else?  Probably other stuff.  Post your questions and I will answer them.

Donations are accepted but never required (they help me pay for bulbs and movies and propane).  I’d rather have you here for free than not here because you didn’t have a couple of extra dollars.

One week from today.  Very excited.  My address is on my About page (visible to my friends). Otherwise you can find us three houses South of Treasa Sweek (orange porch light).  If you get confused, walk down the alley until you find the pea vines (and strawberries!).

We are in good shape for tonight.  Weather is back in order.  I need to pick up some hotdog buns and some wine (must make sangria still), but I’m taking a half day to get ready.  See many of your around seven.  The second film (and this is just a guess) will likely begin around eleven (assuming the first film starts around nine).  You second-movie goers should text me if you are worried about missing the beginning.

My address is on my About page.  If you are not my friend, I live a couple of houses South of John Walseth and Treasa Sweek (orange porch light).  Or from the alley you’ll see the big projector screen on the side of my garage.  Looking forward to seeing you all.

Two Films for the Price of One Birthday

Still amazed that Treasa Sweek made FOUR PIES!  Delicious.  Thanks to everyone who came last night.  We had loads of fun.


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