The Hinges & Gary Allan May @ Peavine Alley

The Hinges:

Gary Allan May (a “masterful songsmithy”) will perform a solo opening set.

Get potlucky!

I will make some grilled/smoked something (not sure yet). There will be weenies to roast (could use buns, hinthint) and a fire and a gas grill for you to burn what you like. Bring your favorite Hinges themed backyard yumyums to share. Sides encouraged.

Questions? Ask in the comments thread or talk with James or Harry directly.

RSVP, Merci!

Only one week away. Sounds like the Hinges will be bringing an opening act; I’m waiting to hear confirmation of that.

Food? What sort of food thing should we do for this one? More bbq fare? More potlucking? Let me know your thoughts.

Not many folks have chimed in on what they might bring for the potluck (and I don’t want everyone showing up with hotdog buns), so let’s start a thread challenge! What would you like to bring for the potluck? Go…

Man, this is going to be great. See you all soon. I won’t likely be back on Fb until after, so if you need me you’ll have to call me (the same is true for Harry Oesterreicher, to an extent). My phone number is on my About page here.


What a great evening. Many new friends and musicmusicmusic.

I have submerged a pork loin into a wonderful brine. I will smoke that, tandoori style, in my chiminea starting in the morning. Wish me luck.



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