Canceled: Movie Night Celebration of School Year Ending and Summer Starting and Whatnot


We shall see what the magic chest of movies has to offer.

Did I mention I have a real popcorn machine now?

I’m outside now and it’s half past nine. It’s dark. I’m guessing we can start the first film somewhere around half past eight. As such I changed the start time to seven. Get here and get your little quadrilateral of grass.

I haven’t shown Princess Bride yet so that’s a fine possibility. Regardless the first film will be family friendly since some folks have said they’d like to bring their little people. We can negotiate later over the second film.

Questions? You know where to find me.

RSVP, Merci!

Looks like it’s a family affair. Anticipate at least a couple of youngins. Princess Bride and The Avengers are both possibilities.

I have just finished building a (rickety) shelving thing for the popcorn machine so that’s ready.

If you would like to bring some food of any sort, I will (as always) have my gas grill ready and a fire in my chimenea (great for hotdogs). The banquet table awaits.

Just a little reminder to bring a blanket and a camping chair (or whatever) because I only have a few of each.

Current weather for Saturday: Mostly sunny and 70. Should be a fine evening for a backyard movie under the stars.

There are a number of important conflicts with this Saturday date. Cecilieand I have decided it makes for a better date if we move the event one week. I will change the event details now; the new date is Saturday 22 June. Go celebrate Father’s Day this weekend and we’ll see you next.

Well, with the date change I may have lost my audience. Unless I can get some firm commitments I’ll cancel this movie night. It’s just no fun if I can’t have about eight guests with me and C. Protest if you want me to keep the night going.

Sorry, friends. Changing the date didn’t work out so well. I’ll cancel this movie night this evening.


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