Multi-Birthday Bash

Some parties are just for the Princess; this one is not.  I get a small corner in the yard where I get to have some fun.

Please come join me in my little corner of the yard at some point during your visit to give her Highness her certainly well deserved birthday wishes.

I will accept gifts but she only wants some weird southern pastry thing called an Italian Cream Cake, which by the way is NOT Italian.

The royal schedule is Family Time from six until nine and then Adult Time after nine.  Adults are welcome during Family Time but they must act like children.  Children are welcome during Adult Time but they must remain tethered at all times, preferably to their own goat.

There was intended to be a theme.  Our negotiations fell apart and no one was able to either behead the other theme proposers (There can be only one!) or arise victorious in the negotiations so we permit you to make up your own theme and run with that as far as your little feet can take you.

I will be enjoying my Obscure 70’s Music theme.  Cecilie will be enjoying her But Doctor I’m the Princess theme.

Thank you for reading this far; I appreciate your endurance.  We are looking forward to seeing each of you.

Sangria, cheese, crackers, chips, dip, salsa, fruit, vegetables.  Man, we gots yer nibbles covered.

Multi-Birthday Bash


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