Old Movie Knights Group

Now reduced to a simple forum and no longer used since the move to Facebook.


Well, Google is changing (limiting) some of the functionality of these
groups.  They are stripping them down to make them more like a simple
mailing list.

I have a couple of options to make our group the same as it is today.

First, I can use other Google services to create some of those missing
services and gimp along in a bit of a hobbled fashion.

Second, I can find a different was to manage this movie night group/

I will work on this over the winter and presumably have the new stuff
up and running by Spring.  I am open to your suggestions.

Ok, by popular demand (and here that means two people) I have created
a Facebook group.  This google group will remain active as a mailing
list, but all new events will presumably be coordinated through the
Facebook group (until Facebook loses it’s popularity and I have to
create yet another group).

Contrary to what has been claimed this will provide me with less
control (and less security and less flexibility) but whatever.

You ought to be able to request group membership directly:


Otherwise just send me a note on Facebook and I’ll add you to the
group myself.  I rather randomly went through my Facebook friends and
put folks into the group as I found them, but I likely neglected
several of you.  If you run into any snags or if you have any
questions, you can write to me directly.



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