The Remains of the Nine

16:28 Tuesday

15 June 2010 Toulouse

Lunch was light but delicious.  We had  Rillettes de Poulet Roti en cocotte on bread (maiz, but not corn bread but rather bread with corn in it).  We drank a Medoc.  Lovely.

The plumbing problem is ongoing and we need laundry, so it’s annoying.  “I’m fucked, poutant!” says Eric.  I agree, nodding my head as I eat the poulet.  The French word for plumber is un plombier.  Merde!

I’ve been working on getting images up on the Web and that’s coming along well enough.  I finally settled on Picasa and will get links all over once I have things set up as I want them.  Maybe even by the time I finish this post.


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