Close the Nine and Open the Ten

12:51 Wednesday

16 June 2010 Toulouse

We have been treading water for a day now.  The plumbing problem is really causing havoc.  We can neither do laundry nor do dishes.  I know what you are thinking: you are two heterosexual males; you don’t do laundry or dishes.  Well, you’d be very wrong.  We are hets and tidy.  Go figure.

Anyway, last night I just snacked around here trying some other things I had bought.  I tried the cheese and bread I bought at the Tuesday market.  I tried a different cured sausage.  We opened a bottle of Médoc (Grand Vin de Bordeaux) which I’ve always liked.  This was good too.

This morning the Internet went out so we were stuck here, neither laundry nor dishes, and no Internet.  Starting to resemble un cauchemar around here.  Too bad it’s not more like the statue I saw at the museum.

Got the Internet sorted (obviously).  The plumber is coming sometime today, presumably at his leisure.  I think we’ll sneak across the street for pizza in the meantime.

All this time allowed me to get pictures offloaded, shrunk, and uploaded.  My curious friends should be well entertained at least (even if I’m a bit trapped).  Don’t pity me though; I still have cheese and wine and cured meats.  Could use some girls is all.

We’ll see what the pizza place has in store.

A bientôt, mes amis.


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