The Vicar and the Saint

“Were I wise, unlike the rest,
I think I’d do my meager best
to touch the lives of those who tried
to live their lives before they died.”

“Misfortune is our alibi
while just beyond our pleasures lie
a land of vipers incarnate,
and so we’ll not cohabitate.”

Now pleading I with heart in hand,
persuading with both gestures grand
and lust my only fetish worn
I searched for smiles within the scorn.

“Thou shan’t persuade me nor my lot
that passion’s taste is not distraught
by blood of all the ages past
and lust the crime which shall not last.”

“I cannot claim to know the fates
of those who climb your garden’s gate,
but through my gate are free to move
all those I know I dearly love.”

“Thou speakest of love as one who knows
by which currents her river flows,
but I believe thou’ve not the wit
if in a raft to discover it.”

“I’ll tell you something of my soul
it burns a fire as white as coal;
that her river flows from its source—
and that it’s me, is but-of-course.”

“So shall the twain yet nary meet,
a cross fallen broken at thy feet?
Or have thou some enlightened hope
that to me should thy fingers grope?”

“I need not thee nor thine afterbliss
to live my life within a kiss,
to take the reigns on destiny,
for that’s what makes we free ones free.”


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