Mellow Pajamas in Plastic

Mellow Pajamas in Plastic [17]

  1. Peter Gabriel Come Talk to Me [from “Us“]
  2. The Beatles For No One [from “Revolver“]
  3. Cassandra Wilson Harvest Moon [Neil Young cover] [from “New Moon Daughter“]
  4. Tom Waits Picture in a Frame [from “Mule Variations“]
  5. Led Zeppelin What Is and What Should Never Be [from “Led Zeppelin II“]
  6. Pablo Neruda [poem read by Madonna] — If You Forget Me [from “Il Postino“] [soundtrack plus celebrities reading Neruda’s poetry]
  7. Erick Satie Three Gymnopedies: No.1 [from “Piano Works Volume 1“]
  8. Sheryl Crow I Shall Believe [from “Tuesday Night Music Club“]
  9. Diana Krall If I Had You [from “All for You: A Dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio“]
  10. Yello Rhythm Devine [from “One Second“]
  11. David Byrne My Love Is You [from “David Byrne“]
  12. Holly Cole I Want You [Tom Waits cover] [from “Temptation“] [an entire album of Tom Waits songs]
  13. Led Zeppelin Friends [from “Led Zeppelin III“]
  14. Kurt Elling Every Time We Say Goodbye [from “This Time It’s Love“]
  15. Bob Dylan Boots of Spanish Leather [from “The Times They Are a-Changin’“]
  16. Holly Cole River [Joni Mitchell cover] [from “Dark Dear Heart“]
  17. Led Zeppelin The Rain Song [from “Houses of the Holy“]

(Originally compiled circa 2002.)


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