Indoor Movie Night

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Howdy, cow-kids!

I know you’ve been thinking about seeing the next movie in my
backyard.  I have been working on a system involving heated car seats,
woolen blankets, and umbrellas with the hope of having these nights
all year round.  Still in the planning stages, mind you.

Short of that, we’ll be kicking off the next season when the weather
warms again (May or June) and it will be a great season.

As a reminder to the old-timers and by way of introduction to the
novices, we have a thread for discussing your most loved and love to
hate movies:

PS:  I will probably have a March birthday bash (not likely involving
a movie) for those interested in such matters.!topic/movieknight/vPKx6qqwUTA

Friends; terrestrials; humans,

Lend me your anamorphic lenses.  I just wrote an article where I
review 10 zombie and horror films:

Weather is a fickle mistress.

I regret to admit that the too cool nights may disarm our jubilee,
pictures in motion of which we are so fond.

Spring!  Always reminds me of the William Tell Overture.

I should like to gauge the interest in crowding into my small theater
to watch something short or simply gather round the homestead and rub
some elbows?

Whether outdoors or in, I have some terrific stuff picked out for this
summer.  Of course elbows always appreciate at least a little rubbing.

Read my review and let me know your thoughts about the possible
gatherings.  Either way we will shoot for a date late in May to give
the sun a chance to make up for depriving us.

Brought to you by James: in conjuction with

I know that’s a lot to think about, but if there is really no interest
in having an event in May then the next movie night will be in July.


Looks like the weather might just come ’round for us.  Either way we
will have some festivities on 28 May.  Note: this is a Friday.

This is only a couple of days before I leave for France, so come say
good-bye even if you can’t stay for the flick.

I am not clear if my beer will be ready for consumption by the 28th,
but I did brew an alleged Black Butte clone.  It’s fermenting as I
write this and will likely go into bottles pretty soon.

Also, I’m pretty broke with the whole no-job-taking-a-trip-to-France
thing so I will assumedly provide something less than my usual
retarded levels of way too many snacks and yum yums.

Any questions?  Send them my way.

Until then, stay out of trouble…

Howdy kids,

Yep, my beer won’t be ready.  We are bottling it in the morning.
We’ll drink it in July instead.

I have made two different soups for those who come hungry.  Snacks are
a welcome addition.  Something to go with soup?  Bread?

I have a half case of Fat Tire and a growler of porter from Port
Townsend.  Feel free to bring your favorite beverage.

If you have any questions let me know.  Otherwise I am looking to
seeing y’all tomorrow.

Since I keep getting asked…

The movie/party tonight is INDOORS.


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