Ce n’est pas ma faute

I am not a magical mind.  I am not a unique and beautiful snowflake.  I’m just another drone.  And I had the same drone thought that all you other drones had.  “You named your new gizmo after a feminine hygiene product?”

I remember running through a list of possible iObject names while I was thinking about the upcoming announcement from Apple.  I must admit that iPad never crossed my mind.  We have to at least credit them for being original in this sense.

Regardless, this is the iDevice naming scheme jumping the shark.  They cannot continue with this naming scheme after this clear if bazaar foible.  Any new product following that naming scheme will be subject to “oh, it’s from those iPad people”.  Impressive.

I can’t even be bothered to post a link to a clever response.  There are just too many excellent responses.

Hang tough, you crazy caterpillars.

Time Wastes Us

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