Decco Goes Ubu-Crazy

Not so long ago I wrote an article about my new tube pre-amp, the Decco.  It’s from this company called Peachtree Audio.  They make a new version called the Nova which is even cooler.  How I wish I was being paid for my talents…

(I am told the Decco has the better sounding DAC.)

Anyway, I really like the Decco.  The only thing is I was having some trouble figuring out how to get my Ubuntu systems to send the signal to the Decco via USB.  Until now.

Open the PulseAudio Volume Control (located at Applications —> Sound & Video).  Navigate to the Output Devices tab.  I had two entries here: Internal Audio and 0000 Analog Stereo.  I’m not clear why it’s called analog, but the 0000 is the one we are after.

Navigate to the Configuration tab.  Under Internal Audio change the Profile: drop-down to Off.  Make sure 0000 shows as stereo.

You’re done.

Rock out.

(If you are having troubles with PulseAudio in Ubuntu, you will want to take a look at this wonderful post.  If you are experiencing other audio/video issues in Ubuntu, here is an excellent and comprehensive post.)


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