Season Finale Movie Night

Another movie in my backyard.

I have not decided on movies, but I intend to make the first film family accessible (no, it will not be “The Little Mermaid”) and the second movie less so.  (For example the last films were “Across the Universe” and “Dr Strangelove”.

I will be making some smokey barbecue beef and some special sauces.  My grill and will be available as will my fire burning, taracotta tandoori-like chimenea for cooking as well.  You are welcome to, and encouraged to, bring your favorite barbecue dish.  Let me know if you have any special needs or kitchen requirements so that I can accommodate best.

Also, I’ll make my usual sangria.  Bring your favorite beverage as you like.

As a general bit of information, the bbq will begin around 6 (as per above).  The first film will begin near sunset (preceded by some cartoons)—which is near 8.

Those staying for the film(s) should bring something to sit on and something by which to keep warm (camping chairs, sleeping bags, blankets, sweaters, &c).

Did I miss someone on the invitation?  Let me know.

The weather is looking really positive (72 during the day).  Was touch and go for a bit there.  Sorry to you folks who are out of town or otherwise can’t make it.  Call me; we’ll watch a movie in my theater some winter evening.

Let me know if there are any questions.

I will be making some barbecued beef and a couple of different, yummy sauces.  My gas grill will be available; as will my wood-fired chimenea; I also have a couple of hot dog roasting sticks.  If you would like to bring something but are uncertain about whatever, give me a call or send me a message.

So many reasons not to come… busy friends of mine.

However, the weather is one great reason to come.  They have upped the high all the way to 81 for Friday.  I’ll be here all afternoon getting things ready, so feel free to drop in early if you have food-stuffs that require a little more time to get ready.  Just give me a call and let me know.

Looking forward to seeing those who are able to make it.

I have made two bbq sauces.  Both very different and both very delicious.  It’s been a productive day.

Ok, five and a half hours of smoking half a brisket is enough to exhaust me.  Just in case anyone was seeking out ways to exhaust me.  On the plus side, it’s gonna be yummy tomorrow.

Season Finale Movie Night

Thanks everyone.  It was a grand success.  If anyone would like to keep informed of other movie nights, you’ll want to join my google group—so please contact me directly.


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