Season Finale & BBQ Madness

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Knights, untie!

Well, my hearty campers, we have a lot going on these days.  I trust
you are all still among the living after our wonderful heat wave.  I
know there are a lot of dead flying insects hereabouts.

Ah, but what about the goings-on?  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this
(enough) but my brother is getting married.  After eleven years of
living in sin he has conceded to our devout mother and is going to get
right with the almighty flying spaghetti monster–or something like
that.  I think we ought to have a little celebratory bbq before the
sun goes down and our films begin.  Any takers?

I have ordered the replacement bulb even though I haven’t quite raised
enough in the bulb fund.  The largest ‘contribution’ came from my
neighbor who has been renting my driveway to park his boat (the funds
from which I have been placing directly into the bulb fund).  Anyway,
it’s on its way, so if the bulb pops we ought to be able to handle


As you may recall I give my brother first movie choice.  Let’s try to
rally around our list and dig out a gem for the other film:

PS: Poor Peter has been working so much that he can barely keep his
eyes open most of the time, let alone through a classic like Dr.
Strangelove.  As such we may wish to honor him with an actiony film to
help his nodding head.

The weather continues to look poor, and I have confirmations from
several people that they will not be able to attend this weekend.
Barring any serious protests, I am going to postpone this movie night
until early September (presumably the 5th).  That would be the final
episode of the season, so I would want to do a nice E.o.S. bbq–or
something like that.  We did that whole taco thing last year and that
went over pretty well.

Anyone who would like to come drink with me and listen to music in my
living room is welcome to do so.

Any questions, give me a call…!topic/movieknight/bxf1GS0srB8

I am thinking real barbecue.  Sticky, sweet, and hot.

We can do this either this weekend (29 August), next (5 September or 6
September because Monday is a holiday), or the one after (12

Talk to me, oh honerable knights of this whole movie thing.

Let the polling begin!

Seriously?  No one has any input on this?

Just me and the crickets…

Ok, mostly I’ve been getting responses (directly) that explain why
folks can’t chime in.  So I’ll just pick a date, Friday 11 September,
and only change that if I get an avalanche of negativity.  You can
snowball here, and I’ll make the proper announcement through a new
post in the next few days.

Ok, that’s one bell for Friday 4 September.  Anyone else want to make
a vote?

This is a tough time of year because everyone has the camping bug, but
11 September (Friday) will have to do for our purposes.

I will be making some smokey barbecue beef and some special sauces.
My grill and will be available as will my fire burning, taracotta
tandoori-like chimenea for cooking as well.  You are welcome to, and
encouraged to, bring your favorite barbecue dish.  Let me know if you
have any special needs or kitchen requirements so that I can
accommodate best.

I have not decided on movies, but I intend to make the first film
family friendly (no, it will not be The Little Mermaid) and the second
movie less so.

Also, I’ll make my usual sangria.  Bring your favorite beverage as you

Thanks for all your support this summer.  It has been a great season.

Good thing we didn’t plan for this weekend: the weather is going to be
horrible.  Keep your fingers crossed for next weekend.

The weather is forecasted to continue improving and ought to be mostly
sunny (71) on Friday.  Perhaps the dogs are smiling on us.  Good bbq
and good movies.

I obtained a copy of Iron Man so that is a possibility.  I have some
other interesting options as well, like The Big Fish.  Anyway, should
be an excellent time.

Does anyone have plans to bring something barbecue like?  I’m going to
work on smoking some beef and I want to make a couple of different

Oh, and the weather report is now predicting a high of 81 for Friday.
Looks like I picked the right day.

I’ll be here all afternoon getting shit ready, so feel free to drop in
early if you have things to get prepared food-wise.  Just give me a


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