Audio-Video Never Tasted So Good

So, a short while back I bought a new pre-amp for myself: Peachtree Audio’s Decco.  I bought the black one because it goes with anything and, well, black is the new black.  Nice little bit of gear.  Sounds great.  It will also act as an integrated amplifier if necessary.  And it has a great USB input and its own NOS DAC to go with it.

There was a problem with the first unit I took home, but the guys at the store were very quick to get me a replacement and that one has worked perfectly ever since.  (Not a significant problem mind you.  The volume knob wasn’t responding to the remote, probably the servo was offline or somesuch.  Nothing wrong with the functionality of the electronics themselves.)

At any rate, I was really happy with the service and the store where I bought the Decco and wanted to take a moment to talk about them.

They are called Resolution Audio : Video and they are located in Ballard (Seattle).  I get the privilege of walking down from time to time and listening the highest of highend gear.  Something very nice about listening to a set of speakers which are worth as much as a new car.  Surreal. (They died in this recession.  Very sad.  Peachtree is still very much alive though.)

At any rate, as you can surmise from the Decco they also sell highend gear for normal people.  Don’t feel as though you ought to be selling your VW to buy a set of sweet speakers—though if you do, please invite me over for a listen.  They have a lot of contemporary gadgety gear as well, like iPod docks for audio purists—or folks like me who use uncompressed wav files on their iPods and mp3 players.

They are, in the spirit of the season (read: recession), having a sale to encourage we consumers to do our parts for the economy.  This is not something they normally do (have a sale).  Let’s get booming.


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