An Historic Event

Well, I have been saying this for a long time now and I may as well put it in print (mostly so that my friends will have something to talk about when making fun of my predictions).  I am saying that tonight we are going to see a remarkable landslide victory for Barack Obama.  I’m thinking of something unprecidented, a record breaker.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but that is my prediction.

This will come as a surprise to anyone who has heard me talk about politics in the past.  I was quite certain that the Republicans would be the first to get a minority/woman into the white house.  I reasoned that the Democrats showed a history of choosing a candidate who had some particular minority status over another candidate who was the best candidate.  In other words the Democrats had in the past selected a minority or female candidate precisely because they were a minority or a woman.  It seemed to me that the Republicans would make that choice on more conservative grounds, namely that the best candidate they had to offer happened to be a minority or a woman.

History has proved this prediction of mine so incredibly wrong! The Democrats have put forward the best candidate they have run in the primaries since Brown.  And he happens to have some minority status.  So be it.  Great. Then the Republicans selected a VP running-mate for McCain purely on the basis that she was a she.  Holy Carp!  How do these things happen?  Where was the wisdom?

That’s dumber’an W.

So there you have my two scents worth.

Get thee to the poles, Ophelia.

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